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26 сентября 2016, 23:07

Bike company finds printing a TV on their boxes minimizes shipping damage

It doesn’t matter how well-made a product is, if it gets damaged during shipping the customer will not be happy. And shipping is a game of chance. You’re relying on every single person who handles each box to treat it with the utmost care. That rarely ever happens, and there’s only so much protection you can include. However, bike manufacturer VanMoof has come up with a surprising solution to minimizing damage during shipping.

The Dutch company discovered that the amount of damage sustained when shipping one of its premium bikes was reduced considerably if the box looked like it contained a TV. How do you make a box look like it contains a TV? You simply print an image of a TV on the box!


VanMoof has been shipping its bikes for eight years, and yet despite trying all of the shipping partners available to them, none offer the “same obsessive love and care” that goes into making the bikes. That’s inevitable, I guess. Having to pay for damaged bikes to be shipped back, or even sending out replacement parts is expensive, so a solution had to be found.

genius idea alert: @vanmoof bikes had problem with shipping damage. So it put flat TVs on its boxes. Problem solved. pic.twitter.com/dsomNATUoY

— Jason Gay (@jasongay) September 4, 2016

That solution came via VanMoof co-founder Ties. He realized a VanMoof bike box was roughly the same size and shape as a massive TV so he had them print a flatscreen TV on the box. The result was damage during shipping dropped by 80%.

Clearly those individuals who work in shipping have a lot of respect for expensive TVs and handle them with due care and attention. Little do they know, there’s a bike inside those boxes. Let’s hope they never find out otherwise VanMoof will have to come up with another clever way of keeping shipping damage to an absolute minimum.

Source: http://www.geek.com/tech/bike-company-finds-printing-a-tv-on-their-boxes-minimizes-shipping-damage-1672161/